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DVD Video Solutions, a leader in MPEG-2 encoding and DVD Authoring Services. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since 1980.

Our state of the art facility allows us to offer the highest quality services for any sized project. Many of our clients are film studios, large corporations, universities, government departments and other large organizations.

For those unfamiliar to the DVD creation process, there are 3 simple steps: Encoding, Authoring and Replication. We use the latest state of the art equipment and qualified operators for all of our transfers, so the quality remains as high as possible. Encoding is the process of creating the high quality MPEG-2 files used for the DVD. Authoring is the process of creating a look for your DVD, such as adding menus and other special features. Finally, replication is the process of putting the product on a DVD (usually a DVD-r). For larger orders, we can create a DLT, which is the format used by duplication facilities. This process may sound complex, but we hope that looking around the site will help you to fully understand the process.

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DVD Video Solutions is located at 1359 Wilson Ave. Toronto, Ontario.
Our parent company is Overseas Video Lab.
You can contact us by phone at (416) 244-1822 or e-mail us at info@dvdvideosolutions.com


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