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DVD Video Solutions is a division of Overseas Video Lab. Toronto, Canada.

Founded in 1980, Overseas Video Lab provides high quality, low cost Video and Multimedia services. We provide many services such as Video Conversion, 8mm & 16mm Film Conversion, Video Production, CD/DVD Production, Duplication and many other services. Over the years, we have had hundreds of thousands satisfied clients ranging from Large Corporations, Universities, Hospitals, Government Offices, Non Profit Organizations, Film Studios and other production companies across North America. Our website can be found at www.overseasvideolab.com

In 1998. We purchased our high end Spruce DVD Maestro Authoring System. Immediately, we had a strong demand for our DVD services both locally and across North America. Our clients realized that our investment in quality equipment was well worth it. That has been our motto since we started our business. As years pass, we continue to upgrade and improve our services while still maintaining our low prices.

Some of our clients include:
Walmart Canada
The Government of Canada (various Departments)
The Government of Ontario (various Ministries)
The City of Toronto
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
York University
University of Toronto
Seneca College
Chrysler Canada
Royal Bank
Universal Pictures Canada
Humber River Regional Hospital
Sony Music
Air Canada
and many more.


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DVD Video Solutions is a division of Overseas Video Lab, Toronto, Ontario
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