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What is DVD Authoring?

DVD Authoring is an important part determining the look of your DVD. This is an optional step. We can make DVD's without any menus that play straight through or that can loop continuously. However, DVD's can have the special feature of menus. Menus are helpful to the end user in deciding where they want to start viewing from and also the menu allows them to turn on and off other special features such as subtitles, multi angles and surround sound. Menus on DVD's allow interactivity between the user and your DVD.

At DVD Video Solutions, we also have the ability of designing custom motion menus, rather then traditional still menus. This brings another dimension to your DVD. Click here to learn about menus.

For large movie DVD projects, we suggest that the client meet with our DVD Project Planners to discuss on how we can create your DVD exactly the way you want.
You may e-mail our DVD Project Planners by clicking here.

Once a DVD is authored, we move to the replication process.


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