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Questions regarding DVD Production by DVD Video Solutions

What encoding/authoring system do you use?
Quality is our main competitive edge. DVD Video Solutions uses the Spruce DVDMaestro Authoring system, with the MPX3000 real time MPEG-2 capture board and ACXpress 5100 for audio capture. SDI (Serial Digital Interface) connections are used for all digital transfers, and component connections for all analog transfers. Our encoding and authoring equipment is well worth over $200,000. This same system is also used for all of our big budget productions. The advantage of this system is that is captures MPEG-2 in real time at the highest quality possible. Every project is performed by a trained and certified DVD specialist. In addition, we can convert from any format directly. Do not be fooled by our competitors who use cheaper equipment, if in doubt, ask them what they use.

How good do DVD's look?
The quality of DVD is exceptional, however the quality of a DVD is dependent of the quality of the source and the way it was encoded. Typically original source material from Betacam SP, DVCPRO, MiniDV and Digital Betacam produce the highest quality. Source material from VHS and Video8 tend to produce fairly decent quality. If there are any questions about your source, please contact us.

How good do DVD's sound?
DVDs utilize a higher sampling rate than even audio CDs, generating fuller and richer sound qualities. Since DVD's do not wear out, DVD's reproduce the same quality sound even after hundreds of playbacks later. Most DVD's we produce are encoded in AC-3 sound. We also can encode 5.1 surround sound for films and uncompressed PCM for music oriented DVD projects.

What video formats do you accept?
VHS, SVHS, BETACAM SP, Digital BETACAM, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV(DV), 3/4(U-matic), 1 inch, DVCAM, DVCPRO, HDV, laserdisc, DVHS, 8mm & 16mm film, and most formats in the PAL system. We also can accept some computer files, please call us regarding these. Please call us if you have a format not listed here.

What can be done during Authoring?
We can author anything included in the DVD spec. This includes: Motion Menus, multi subtitles, multi audio tracks, multi video angles, alternate playing (seamless branching), conditional access, still galleries, nested menus and much more.

Do you offer Variable Bit Rate Encoding and segment re-encoding?
Yes, we provide both 1 pass and 2 pass variable bit rate encoding. 2 pass variable bit rate encoding and segment re-encoding is not available in lower end authoring systems and is available on our larger projects and available for larger projects where quality is a major issue.

Why do VHS (or any other Analog format) tapes lose quality over time?
Over time, the magnetic particles that make up the picture and sound on your videotapes begin to lose their bond to the plastic tape. Second generation copies lose much more of the original picture quality. The tape loses it quality every time it is played and even when it's not being played. Analog to Analog copies will always lose quality when copied to another tape. However, copying to a Digital disc based format, such as DVD. Eliminates the threat of losing any more quality.

Can you transfer 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film to DVD?
Yes! please visit our sister website's 8mm page.

Is the quality of the original improved?
Slightly, all of our encoding is time base corrected and noise reduction is applied to every transfer. The audio is also slightly "sweetened" during the encoding process.

I'm not too clear about menus and chapters, can you explain this in more detail?
We have added a section, to help clarify this. Click here to go there.

How much can you fit on one DVD?
A 4.7gb DVD-R disc can hold approximately 2 hours worth of footage at a 4.5-6 Mb/s variable bit rate. The highest bitrate for a DVD is 9.6 Mb/s, which would allow only about 1 hour of material on a DVD. Better quality video requires more disc space. However with with our high end encoders, we are able to fit 2 hours without visual loss. Projects requiring DVD-9, DVD-10 and DVD-18 can accommodate more video.

What media do you use for the DVD's?
Currently, we use Pioneer 4.7 GB Version 2.0 DVD-R(A) media and Pioneer 4.7 General Media. We find that these, by far, the most compatible.

Where are your rates?
Do to the complexity of some orders, we do not post rates on our site. Please contact us at (416) 244-1822 or e-mail us at info@dvdvideosolutions.com and we can give you an exact quote, which may be lower then you think.

What is your turnaround time?
For authoring and smaller runs: generally 2 to 3 days for smaller orders, 2-3 weeks for larger projects. However, we can do same day service in special cases at additional costs. Replication requires about 2-3 weeks.

Can you copy a commercial DVD?
No, we do not make copies of commercial DVD's without written consent from the proper copyright owner. We have a strict policy regarding copying unauthorized materials and illegal or inappropriate materials.

Do the DVD-R media play back in all DVD Players?
The DVD-R media will play back in all DVD players except first generation players. The official DVD specification of the first generation did not require DVD players to support recordable media. This has been fixed in all second and third generation players. We have now have an extensive list of which DVD Players will play DVD-R media. Click here to see our list.

Will the DVD-R media work in Playstation 2 and X-Box machines?
Yes, all DVD's we create are fully compatible with Playstation 2 and X-Box and X-Box 360 game machines.

How many DVD's has DVD Video Solutions produced?
As of March 2008, we have currently produced over a total of 30,000 different DVD Projects ranging from Home Movies to Full Feature Films and everything in between.

I have many tapes that I would like converted, can you offer better rates?
Yes, please contact us at (416) 244-1822 or e-mail us at info@dvdvideosolutions.com

I have some computer files (Powerpoint presentations, Applications, JPEG Stills. etc.). Can I add them to the DVD as DVD-ROM content?
Yes, we can make a dual mode DVD with both DVD-ROM and DVD-Video content. DVD players will ignore and DVD-ROM content.

Do you offer Blu-Ray Authoring Services?
We are in our testing phase of our Blu-Ray services. Check our website in the near future for more updates.

I am a filmmaker (or musician) and considering of releasing my film on DVD, what options do I have?
We recommend that you speak with one of our DVD planners. We can offer full DVD services from editing right to delivering a finished DVD to you.

Are you hiring?
Currently we are not hiring. Please e-mail a resume to jobs@dvdvideosolutions.com for future considerations.

Who is Overseas Video Lab?
DVD Video Solutions is a division of Overseas Video Lab. Overseas Video Lab is a Toronto, Canada based company who is well known throughout Canada and the United States since 1980. We provide Standards conversions, VHS Duplication, Regular 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm film conversion, production and editing facilities, and many other services. DVD Video Solutions was formed in 1999, when we started offering DVD Authoring services to our clients. Over the years, we have had thousands of satisfied customers ranging from Large Corporations, Universities, Hospitals, Government Offices, Non Profit Organizations, Film Studios and even other video production companies across North America. The website for Overseas Video Lab is www.overseasvideolab.com

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