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What are DVD Menus?

Menus are graphical screens that generally display when the DVD is first played. They can provide information about your dvd, or allow the user to select options on the dvd, or allow the user to instantly find a certain point on the DVD.

Chapters (also refered index points) are specified times on the DVD, which can be accessed instantly. Think of them as tracks on a music CD. They do not require menus, however, menus do require at least 1 chapter point.

There are two types of menus that can exist on DVD. The first are static menus, which are more common and more simple in design. The second are motion menus. These can be extremely complex, however they tend to look more impressive visually.

Static menus would have a still background. An example of a very simple menu would feature only text. More complex designs can feature still thumbnails and custom made interfaces.

Motion menus bring another dimension to your DVD. Motion menus could feature moving video/animation in the foreground and/or background. Transitions can be applied from the menu to the video content. Sound effects/music can also be added. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to our custom made menus, we do have pre-made menu tempates that clients may choose from. Generally these are used for home/family videos like Weddings, Birthdays, etc.

Please contact us if you require any additional information regarding menu creation. Samples of our Motion menus are coming soon.


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