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What is DVD Replication?

Now that your DVD is encoded and authored. The final step is to master it. DVD Video Solutions offers several options.

For smaller orders, we can make DVD-R copies using our Pioneer DVD writers. This is ideal for personal use, presentations and promotional use. This is the most common solution for orders from 1-300 copies. We use the highest quality recordable DVD's to assure the best compatibility. Duplication is ideal for small runs under 500 copies.

For larger orders, we offer mastering to DLT tape backup. DLT is the required storage media for replication facilities. From here we can format the DVD to be a DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 or DVD-14. In addition to the replication, we offer many different types of custom packaging & printing options to suite your needs. Replication offers a 100% compatibility rate. Quantities can start from 500 up to millions.

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