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Why DVD?

We believe the question should not be "why?", but "why not?"
DVD is a digital disc format that offers high quality video and audio ever developed for an end user. Although DVD discs are the same size as standard audio CDs, they hold up to seven times as much information. The enormous capacity of DVD discs also allows many extra features such as music videos, "making of" features, games, multiple language tracks, digital stereo & surround sound, multiple subtitles, interactive and much more.

I'm happy with my VHS VCR, why should I invest in DVD?
-DVD's offer shaper picture quality up to 500 lines of resolution compared to 200 lines of resolution by ordinary VHS tapes.
-Interactive Playback Control allows easy and instant access to favorite segments of your movie.
-Lifetime preservation of your important and valuable videos like Weddings, Birthdays, etc.
-Enhanced multimedia capabilities.
-Ideal for corporate or industrial training.
-Perfect media for archiving large amounts of video.
-The number one format for all commercial movies.
-Ideal format of Art Galleries and Video Artists.

However, not all DVD's are created the same. High end equipment and skilled people are required to create a DVD without flaws and poor quality.

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